Paracus Cover

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“An astonishing novel, both in scope and execution…” – Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards

Inspired by the works of Terry Goodkind and R.A. Salvatore, Paracus thrusts readers into the war-torn lands of Indriul, where magic is taboo, and the threat of endless winter looms on the horizon. When a red-haired sorceress rises to power, the Kingdom of Erodea is on the verge of civil war. Shielded by her army of mercenaries, Amelia Roummos must balance her new position among her four ministers that would undercut her authority, and the Church that would see her burn. But Amelia’s main concern lies within the Frozen North and the Gray Border that expands beyond it, threatening to freeze all life trapped underneath its growing shadow. To prepare the kingdom for the coming storm, she will play a game of shadows and intrigue, secrecy and treachery, but not everything is as it seems.

In the fallen Kingdom of Dulmane, Elena Arenwell’s life is transformed when she comes into the possession of a paracus, a gemstone capable of transforming raw desire and emotion into physical power, but at great cost to its wielder. In her travels, she’ll meet a tired warrior that carries a dull sword, and learn from a wizard trapped in the form of a white stallion. The fate of her family and friends hangs in the balance as Elena learns to master the paracus and stand up to the evil sorceress that destroyed her homeland. Swords clash and destinies collide in this epic tale of swords and sorcery.

Paracus is the first novel written by Brian C. Kuhn Jr.


Paracus: Succession cover

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In a controversial decision, a young sorceress is put into the line of succession by an aging king, but when the kingdom’s religious authority moves against her, Amelia must overcome centuries of prejudice before her new-found home collapses.

Paracus: Succession is a prequel taking place ten years before the events of Paracus. The novella follows the development of Paracus antagonist Amelia Roummos.

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